September 2019 Newsletter – Film Editors

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Women film editors have excelled since the silent film era. One of the very first cutters (as editors were known in the early days), Oscar contender Viola Lawrence started her editing work in 1912 and later became supervising editor at Columbia Pictures. Oscar winner Anne Bauchens edited Cecil B. DeMille’s films from 1915 until 1956. Many women followed in the … Read More

July 2019 Newsletter – Women Directors Not Nominated for the Best Director Oscar

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Directors whose movies are nominated for Best Motion Picture Oscars or Golden Globes usually receive a similar nod for Best Director.  Surprisingly, Barbra Streisand was not nominated for a Best Director Oscar for Yentl and, similarly, Ava DuVernay did not receive a Best Director Oscar nomination for Selma.  In this month’s ENewsletter, we profile these two exceptional movie directors.

June 2019 Newsletter – Women with the Most Oscar Nominations

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Welcome to the Hollywood:  Her Story ENewsletter.  When we started writing our beautiful book, Hollywood:  Her Story, An Illustrated History of Women and the Movies, we didn’t realize that we would find so many creative women as well as the important Hollywood back story. 

Stuntwoman Leslie Hoffman Feature Articles

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Stuntwoman Leslie Hoffman’s role in Hollywood: Her Story has been featured in articles in both the Press Republican and the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.