December 2019 Newsletter – Christmas Movies

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As we approach the holiday season, we are reminded of the Christmas movies that warm our hearts and have become movie classics.  Two specific examples are It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street.  In this month’s newsletter, we focus on the actresses in the leading roles in those movies: Donna Reed and Natalie Wood.

November 2019 Newsletter – Cinematographers

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The first time that a woman was nominated for Best Cinematographer in the nine decades of Oscar history was in 2018.  In that year, Rachel Morrison finally broke the gender barrier and received, but did not win, the nomination for the movie Mudbound.  In 1980, Brianne Murphy became the first female cinematographer to be invited to join the American Society … Read More

Hollywood: Her Story Wins Two 2019 Best Book Awards

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Hollywood: Her Story won two 2019 Best Book Awards and was a Finalist in two other categories.  We won Best Interior Design Award and Performing Arts.  We were a finalist in Best Cover Design: Non-Fiction and Novelty & Gift Book.

October 2019 Newsletter – Oscar-Nominated Directors

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The Best Director Oscar was awarded for the first time at the inaugural Oscars in 1929. Since that time, only five women have been nominated for Best Director, with just one win. The first woman wasn’t nominated for Best Director until almost fifty years after the Academy Awards began – in 1977. That was Lina Wertmuller. The first woman to … Read More

September 2019 Newsletter – Film Editors

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Women film editors have excelled since the silent film era. One of the very first cutters (as editors were known in the early days), Oscar contender Viola Lawrence started her editing work in 1912 and later became supervising editor at Columbia Pictures. Oscar winner Anne Bauchens edited Cecil B. DeMille’s films from 1915 until 1956. Many women followed in the … Read More